Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shopify — A shop in minutes, a business for life.

Shopify — A shop in minutes, a business for life.: "You are unique. Your shop could be too.

Shopify lets you build shops with as much style and flare as you see fit. When you signup for Shopify, you can choose from one of our growing number of custom-made designs or get really creative and create your own designs."

Track your orders.

When you login to your store you are presented with a quick overview of your most recent orders.

Organize your inventory.

Organize your products yourself or let Shopify do it for you with Smart Collections.

How much does this cost me?

Shopify is free to use. There are no signup and monthly fees. We charge a 3% commission on successful product sales. If you sell more than $10,000 all further sales for that month will automatically be reduced to 2% commission.

If you don't earn anything we don't either.